Warm Southwestern Quinoa Salad

This salad beautifully features the delicate texture and earthy flavor of quinoa and is perfect for a light lunch or served as a side dish with a hearty dinner. As I have mentioned in some of my posts earlier, quinoa is a flavorful and healthy alternative to some of the other rice or pasta side … Continue reading Warm Southwestern Quinoa Salad


Arbee masala – Colocasia/Taro Root with Indian Spices

Fury of nature knows no boundaries. Be it hurricane Harvey flooding parts of Texas and heading towards Louisiana or the mighty monsoons dumping millions of gallons of rain on many parts of India causing havoc. It’s heartbreaking to see so much devastation caused by flooding, with so many people losing everything they ever had. At … Continue reading Arbee masala – Colocasia/Taro Root with Indian Spices

Daal Makhanni – Whole Black Lentils

Talk about an iconic Punjabi dish! Daal makhanni or Maah ki daal literally translates into “lentils cooked in butter”. Daal makhanni is made with whole black gram/lentils that can be easily bought at an Indian/Asian grocery store. Sometimes bulk sections of health food stores and stores like Whole foods and Earth Fare also carry black … Continue reading Daal Makhanni – Whole Black Lentils