Watermelon Mint Spritzer

I cannot believe that school starts for us in two days. We might say this every.single.year but really, where has summer gone? I feel I am tired and might need a vacation from all the vacations we took this summer; from kids swimming, STEM, and basketball camps; from family visits; from my garden; from boot camp; from work. Do you also feel this way? My problem is that I try and want to do everything and then I feel I am doing way too much. Then I take a break and in half a day, I am bored and back to doing EVERYTHING. I tell you – I need to find a middle ground – for my healthy mind and body or I’ll drive myself crazy..lol. The bottom line is – Life is Good and I am superblessed….:p. You see the pattern here….

Anyways, thanks for reading the rambling. It has nothing to do with this quick and refreshing summer drink that I am sharing with you today. Though I strongly believe that nobody can ever get tired of eating watermelon just by itself, but if you do, or say you bought a humongous watermelon (like we did), and cannot finish it, try this spritzer. I am sure you will love it.



Watermelon – about 4- 5 cups (roughly cut) – No rinds!

Mint – 8-10 leaves

Seltzer water/ Club soda

Pink salt – a pinch (optional – though I highly recommend it to get that sweet and salty thing going)


Put the watermelon and mint leaves in a blender and blend until the watermelon and mint are blended together – about a minute. Strain the blended mix through a wire mesh strainer into a measuring cup. When ready to serve, add the watermelon-mint mix into your serving cup – about 3/4th full and add some ice. Top it with seltzer water and stir in pink salt. Serve immediately.

Love – Vaishali


Note: You can store and chill the watermelon and mint mix in the fridge for 4-6 hours.

Tools used:


Steel mesh strainer


Measuring cup




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